Fatun’s confidence and English language skills have increased massively, and thanks to BDSWA she now has a health service qualification.


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A local resident for just under a decade, Miski now works as a carer.

Originally from Somali, her story shows what BDSWA has achieved for her.


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Having lived locally for over 16 years, Moeza is a very active volunteer. She now provides vital advice to others.




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Originally from Albania, Fatmire volunteers locally whilst caring for her disabled son. The BDSWA has played an immensely important role in her life.


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Arriving alone from Tanzania some 10 years ago, the BDSWA has helped Zuleka integrate into the area, learn skills and make new friends.


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Experiencing social isolation and anxiety, Ayian benefitted greatly from training and help for all the family from the BDSWA.


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Communicating in English has been a top priority for Halima, and becoming part of the community too.


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The snappy pen-picture stories have been written by Giulia Damiani following interviews with many women using project services. Intern Natasha Ereira-Guyer interviewed Ayan; and here is Ayan’s story.